Connecting to The Divine through Art Part 1

Connecting to The Divine through Art

Author: Eddie Vela X.XXII.MMXXI

There seems to be a longing to constantly create and from a very early age. To express an aspect of ourselves with whatever we can get our hands on. With the objects that seem fit to be a catalyst of expression or whatever might be in proximities in which ever environment we might be dwelling in, while simultaneously driving the Adults mad. Most of the time this creative expression may not be anything worthy of belonging on the walls of a museum of any kind, but yet, they’re honest, innocent works of art that are worthy of the walls of our parents’ home or safe keepings so as we move into the future, we may reminisce of our childhood and our children’s adolescence. There lies something terrific and at times terrifying about the works of children and the imagination they strife for. Children go great lengths to manifest a vision with the price of giving the parents a good scare. As Adults there is a similar kind of drive to make an honest attempt to express ourselves. Some for pleasure to release something within them and to mediate the stress of our environment and maintain a healthy psyche. A means to exhale, but for the more serious artisan, there is an inhale that torments them to their very core, for they are longing for a release of insanity and for a modicum of perspective on what they are internalizing and dying to express.

There is something that has tormented me, and that is, why is it, that some activity many could regard as merely a hobby or others may consider childish, and a skill that should have been abandoned to pursuit a high quality and high status “adult Career” away from the Arts, could torture the soul of an adult individual? We denigrate the works of many, but once in a while, the works of a small minority calls out something so deep within us that we bestow accolades for their achievements and glorify them at times as if they were touched by God. In addition, we create structures and museums to keep safe so their master pieces may live on into the future, with staff to protect, maintain and A Conservator-Restorer to refurbish these works when needed. These works, so incredible, such that spending thousands of dollars, arranging a holiday around visiting these Institutions and Art Archives, only to witness and have a glimpse for only a few minutes or seconds. For the Individual it is worth a portion of a month’s salary or for others, their entire months’ salary to only have a transient experience of only several seconds.

There is something peculiar, as well as something spectacular about all this and its difficult to wrap your head around this spectacle, if you take a moment to consider what we are doing. At first glance it does make sense. ‘Of course, people travel around the world to witness and take pictures next to these masterpieces, it is obvious.’ But the question is “Why is it so obvious?” Why are we doing all these peculiar things around the works of a few that were able to bring forth an artistic psychedelic experience, and in that experience, granted us a grain of sanity in the state of insanity. For the Artist, why is it worthwhile and strenuous effort to manifest something that may very well take months even years to create and get it “Just right”, and the high probability that you are going to fail and perpetually fail. A stroke of a brush here, and another there, with just the right amount of paint and pressure applied. Each movement— a flick of the hand if not calculated and executed properly is enough to make these artisans pull their hair out. So, we come back to the crossroad, the artistic endeavor, acceptable for a child to manifest but as adults, we denigrate many who journey to become creative geniuses, but the ones that manage to get to the level of genius, bear with them the spirit, inspiration and fantasy of a child. They have in them, the ability to seduce a part of our being, and at moments, a part we did not know we carried. They highjack our psyche, and in our possession, call something within us so profound, so divine we endorse and protect their works in those very institutions so they may continue to possess and touch the lives of others with their divine abstractions painted on canvas.

It appears that the reason we build institutions to protect the works of the insane and the tortured is because, they were able to abstract an emotion and a grain of time within their psyche and bring forth the messages of the divine through their craft and into the broader society — translated emotion, to a genius work of art in order to decipher and conceptualize the words of God. And the words of God cannot be carelessly interpreted, if we take to consideration, that we build cultures, values, politics around the scripture of an all-mighty Architect of the universe. And the word of God permeates through the collective. It orients us to keep the individual and the collective on track and on the path towards divinity. It is above all things that are trivial. It is what creates cultures and simultaneously it becomes above cultures. It is the foundation of our ethics and values, yet it is above our ethics and values. It is the fundamental axioms that builds our political systems, yet it is above all politics and our politicians. The Arts and the Artist, when taking now into careful consideration becomes no longer the pursuit of a childish craft and a hobby that should have been abandoned for a pursuit of a “high-status career”. The Arts become the crafts to maintain our Spirituality, and the Artists become the necessary individuals that must be regarded as the Prophets that orients humanity by taking the abstract words of God and decoding it in a master work of art with all its allegories, so we may extract gospels. The Arts: music, performing, visual, writing, drama, etcetera, is the portal as well as our connection with the divine. This outlet of expression is something we must maintain when we have it.

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