Know Thyself: An Introduction - Meaning Over Motion Self v. self

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

" Heed These Words, You Who Wish to Probe The Depths Of Nature: If You Do Not Find Within Yourself That Which You Seek, Neither Will You Find It Outside. If You Ignore The Wonders Of Your Own House, How Do You Expect To Find Other Wonders? In You Is Hidden The Treasure Of Treasures. Know Thyself And You Will Know The Universe And The Gods"

The inscription above was found at the Oracle of Delphi In Ancient Greece. In a short paragraph the Greeks displayed there deep understanding of our purpose of existence. Ancient Philosophy and its thought process was concentrated on an different avenue of understanding in comparison with the modern thought of today. Present day studies concentrate on the understanding of motion. How something works and how can that understanding of its working create change in our shared environment. This differed greatly from Ancient Thinkers, whose main focus was Meaning rather than Motion. Understanding how the universe physically operated did not keep the wise up at night, rather what was the affect of the universal process on the self.

This understanding rooted from the idea that there was no knowledge higher than the knowledge of self. This idea was accredited to there very understanding of creation which centers around Classical Idealism, which states that Mind preceded Matter.

In the Classical Idealist understanding of creation, It was the Creators action of reflecting on himself that sparked the human experience. The idea that if we came from the mind of God, then we also can partake in the mind of God. This is why humans have the power of self-reflection and endowed with the ability of free will. The question then becomes how do we begin to climb the ladder back up to the all-knowing mind? Why did we fall from this great understanding in the first place?

The reality of the situation is within the human there are two selves; Self v. self. The former Self, with a capital S, is this all-knowing mind; Known in mystic traditions as the higher self. This is the True Self. Unwavering to only the Truth. The watcher that resides above the thinker. In many exoteric religious sects it can be described as a guardian angel, but defined with more precision in esoteric mystery schools, as simply the True Self. The ability to fully fulfill your human destiny directly corresponds to the relationship that is formed with one's Higher Self.

The lower self, which we will refer to as simply self, is easier to define, became is it more familiar to us. This is the personality that you have fostered since your indoctrination into modern society. This is the result of numerous factors in and out of your control, but without doubt your sole responsibility to correct. This is the identification purely with the energy of The Ego, which when properly functioning it is used as the energy to perform one's destiny. It is the force that pumps the heart, and when guided by the Higher Self, if becomes a locomotive for positive change. It is only when this energy is mistaken for the self, does the individual begin to squander on there journey back to the stars. This identification of the ego as the the self breeds the idea of scarcity, finite life and the protecting of the lower self. The Great Brotherhood of Man is ignored for financial and material gains.

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