Our Mental Energy

As we move further into a new era, we are coming face to face with a new inner identity that will elevate our consciousness as a collective and leave behind the "I" for "We".

As we all already know, the year in 2020 has done much to deter our spirit, our trust and love for one another. It is no coincidence that we are now leaving a period in time behind and have stepped into an age of new opportunity to understand how we can use the law of correspondence to actually fulfill the need to grow and learn as a collective. We must be consciously aware that our culture indifferences and biases are merely in the way of achieving real truth and communal glory. It is easy for us to invert this new energy and convert it from a positive to a negative. We must lean into the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We will be swayed no doubt, to believe that there is only you to be concerned with but we must see this as a farce.

Our roles as humans will now be different. Do not fear the change but rather embrace the rules of engagement with your fellow brothers and sisters. Although we have all been placed into the dark, remember we ALL were placed there together. That means we can ALL rise out of the darkness as a one mind. All hope is not lost. This is the start of our new way living. Our energies have the potential to merge into a stabilizing force that can help us all understand our true self and the world around us. We encourage all of you to recognize this mental force and use it for all that its worth to make the change that we have been waiting for. Here is to us becoming we.

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