The Dark Winter: Turn on your Light

2020 has been anything but normal for the majority of our Global Population. The 60 year Renaissance Cycle (Please refer to Podcast Episode 2020) which has fostered a spark for human creativity and innovation for over 600 years; has been hijacked

by a paralyzing allegiance to fear and dismay. The population has grown increasing polarized with the result of families and friendships being broken up due to differing allegiance to various political parties and media outlets. The common tag line being spoken from our social engineer talking heads in the media, speak of the fore-coming of a "Dark Winter". In an attempt to stamp out the coming Human Resurgence of Divine Understanding that is brought into our Collective Consciousness every 60 years; The social engineers are planning on manifesting more fear and despair, for there selfish harvest.

Independent research can be conducted and I encourage all of us to go on this journey to find the truth of the situation. I do not want to speculate and provide theories of just what the social engineer plans are for this "Dark Winter" but what I do want to share is what ever happens, now more than ever, you must find your internal light. This is a Global Call to Action. When darkness comes we must go within and use our internal light to help lead our way out of the circumstance we will find ourselves in. The lantern of Love and Truth is always the only path to transcend a negative environment; like the caterpillar going to the cocoon, we are faced with uncertain times, but if we use this process correctly and utilize this experience for transformation, how beautiful can we become? I know the next few months are going to be difficult for all of us, but all we ask is that you do not lose the Love that it is in your heart. Remember that you are never alone. We are so proud of you to face this journey with as much courage as you have and as you will need. The Universe sees the holding of Truth and Love within the individual as the most ultimate honor. Be Brave. Be Light. We will see you on the other side. From Darkness Into The Light

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