The Ladder To Heaven

Walking under a ladder brings seven years of bad luck. Is this true? You might be surprised


To understand the true meaning of this expression it is important for us to look at both the symbolical significance of the number 7 and the archetypal significance of a ladder.

The number 7 has always signified the process of completion. Evidence of this is apparent in the musical scale, the days of the week, and the Seven Days of Creation. The combination of the Trinity (3) with the manifestation of the elements (4) generates competition (7). Father, Mother, and Son manifesting on the Material Plane. The Trinity in this aspect relates directly to the mode of conscious thought in the awoken individual. Father, Mother, and Son of the Trinity represent the Thought, Emotion, and Action, detailing the process of the Classical Trivium. It is through this expression of consciousness that knowledge can be known and later applied, furthering it into wisdom.

The action of creating wisdom (which is knowledge in application) on the material plane is the 3 combining with the 4 to make 7. This process needs to be understood by all students of esoteric studies, for it is the blueprint of positive manifestation in our realm.

The significance of the number 7 is an all-encompassing subject in the occult for its many influences on human consciousness. The number 7's significance in Astrology is recognized with the even visible and Classical Planets of astrological thought. Within these seven planets, the ancients were able to embody all of human thought and emotion. The entire human experience could be understood by learning and understanding their characteristics. The seven planets are directly correlated to the number 7's appearance in musical theory; further illuminating the idea of how these seven notes indicate a vibrational ladder connecting one octave to the next. As we travel up the 7 musical notes we find that the 8th note is always the first note on the next octave.

The Ladder symbolically represents a connection between lower and higher levels of consciousnesses. The initiate of the mysteries aided by an alignment to Truth and Love would look to ascend from the purely physical level of consciousness back on its ways back up to the Creative Universal Force behind all life.

The old phrase "walking under a ladder brings seven years of bad luck" then alludes to the idea that when we fail as individuals to see the opportunities to raise our perspective and embody a higher vibrational connection to our reality, we miss an opportune cycle of growth. The seven years of bad luck refer to the idea that because we did not distill the necessary lesson from our previous trials and tribulations, they will have to re-appear, as a similar essence, but embodying a different physical form. The missed opportunity of climbing to the next octave on our journey back into heaven yields familiar negative patterns and further spiritual stagnation. The seven years of bad luck symbolizes to the individual that they missed the opportunity for growth and evolution and instead of awarding the soul with pleasure; nature our greatest teacher must now bestow pain.

As students of the Occult, we must see and perceive the Universal Lessons that are constantly being presented to us in our 5-sense construct of experience. We must seek with enthusiasm the riddle of existence, not looking to ever solve, but to only better understand.

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