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If we build it, they will come.

Concentrating a focus on the manifestation of an alchemystical approach to interactive behaviors, 3rd dimensional and beyond. Layman's terms a society of alchemysts interacting with every aspect of the world both known and unknown, alchemystically. Primary fundamentals of said approach to interactive behaviors centers on the concept of reverence for individual sovereignty and its indications under the acceptance of oneness in practice, prioritizing and revering the individual contribution to the expansion of the collective consciousness and the harmonization of existence. This supports alchemystical core concepts of acceptance and surrender, Letting it Be. The intent: to plant the oak tree so the children's children enjoy the rainforest and go fly. A moving target conceptual "lifestyle" with student/teacher roles perpetually interchangeable for all beings.

Welcome Kindred😀👁‍🗨💖💫

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