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Daniel Pawenski


Daniel is first and foremost a student of Life. He feels complete when he spends his time reading, connecting with others, and staring at nature. His self-proclaimed "Gypsy Lifestyle" has gratefully bestowed on him many wonderful, growing experiences.

His aspirations in his studies are to understand the Individual's Journey of Unfoldment and personally connect with the Universal Life Force within all of us. Daniel is an investigator of all Esoteric Religions, Spiritual Disciplines, and Mystery Schools Teachings but bears allegiance to none. He is a Spiritual Sovereign in service to only The O.G. (The Original Generator of Life) and his Cat Kanu.

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Eduardo Manteca


Eduardo is an individual with endless interests and a true passion for conversation and human connections. As a inquisitive being, Eduardo seeks experiences that are influenced by truth and wisdom. Reading and learning about the true nature of what our life journey represents is an endless pursuit for Eduardo.

His inspiration and gratitude for the life he has been given, only pushes him to share his perspective on the journey within as with out. Every experience on his path is met with careful consideration and purposeful appreciation.