alchemical symbols in gold spiral
natal charts and alchemical conversations in gold text
alchemical symbols in gold spiral
natal charts and alchemical conversations in gold text
Dedicated to the Unfoldment of Our True Selves

We aim to transmute the lead of our lives into Gold through the process of Alchemy

The purpose of a Know Thyself Natal Chart is to better attune the spiritual aspirant to their innate capacities and necessary lessons needed for the further discovery of the Self.

Chart readings are a 4 hour in-depth exploration conducted by Daniel through the Western Tropical, Whole Sign Lens. Our conversation aims to explore the individual's unique spiritual essence and shift their personal astrological story from "The Motion of Me " To "The Meaning of I".

Daniel uses the astrological wheel to tell the personal, beautiful story of you. We will laugh. We might cry, and we will most definitely do a high five.

alchemical eagle

A Personal Examination

The initial Natal Chart session will be conducted to help create a personally curated Alchemical Experience that aligns with the individuals desire for the self unfoldment

alchemical man in star

The Birth of the Sovereign Self

The individual will continue the Alchemical Process through consecutive private one-on-one sessions, which will not only include information on their current step, but also contain information on the following, so they can be aware of when to schedule their next appointment.

alchemical lion with crown

Peace and Grace

The Alchemical Process looks to strengthen our connection to our higher selves. Through discussion, guided readings and journal exercises, we will work together to reach the peace in our lives that is our birthright.

Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakes.

-Carl Jung

tarot card blindfolded woman on wheel with golden portal
tarot card skeleton death dancing
I Look Forward to Growing with you in this Process