Welcome to the Newsletter, Veritas

vol i - issue i Nov 23, 2022

Greetings and Salutations,
It is the most tremendous honor and privilege to welcome you to the first newsletter of the Know Thyself Podcast, Veritas.

My future correspondences through this medium will focus on esoteric subjects, But I wanted to use the space of the inaugural publication as an informal personal connection. My journey of experiencing the Podcast's evolution has been my soul's most fulfilling adventure in this incarnation. A simple idea between two friends of exploring the world beyond the veil has sparked changes, insights, and wisdom that transformed both Eduardo and myself forever. Although we were responsible for providing the first breath of Life into this Creation, like all of Creation, it has become and evolved into its own independent entity. We all are formed in the dark waters of the womb. With the emergence of our birth, we independently explore our form and begin our dance with our reality under the Eternal Loving Light of Creation. The ability to create Beauty, Grace and Love through this experience of the soul's journey within form is ultimately the free will decision of the dancer. How it advances and responds to the vibrations of existence is mirrored by our reality. Step by step, breath by breath, we learn to guide our movements to the tune of our independent destiny.

The Eternal Beauty that has manifested from the Creation of the Podcast, owes the value of its fruits to one sacred sovereign individual. You. You are what makes this podcast beautiful; your attention to the lines has created a foundation, and your ability to illuminate the empty spaces with color, made it a living piece of art. 

You are It. You are the one who gives our message meaning. The nutrition that sustains this living organism is not the voices coming through the speakers but the loving ears receiving the message. Without the conscious ears hearing and receiving the words, there is no sound, only vibration. Your conscious housing of our voices provides Life, Value, and Virtue to the vibration.

You genuinely are It, and It is You; You are the one. The one who has made the active choice to honor the promise you made to Creation. The promise that you will not forget Who You Are.
And who are you? A Dancing, Shining, Brilliant Star. Cut and formed from the same cloth as the source behind it all. Formed from the infinite, with Love and Grace, to embark on fulfilling your personal destiny. The means of our destinies are independent and unique to each incarnated soul. The internal incorporation of our authentic essence allows for transmuting the individual experience of "me" to the Divine Manifestation of the "I". It is with this "I" we begin to see through the objective lens within reality, and this rediscovered sight, allows us to become the artisans of Creation and active workers in the evolution of Collective Consciousness.

Our Journeys are unique and are specific independent roles catered to fulfilling a Cosmic need of Creation. Although the paths are independent, The goal and ultimate end are the same for all Consciousness. The arrival home, to return from which we came. To accept fully within our heart the truth that you were formed from the Infinite, so you can be nothing less. It is an observable Natural Law that "like creates like". A chicken does not hatch a duck, and an apple seed does not produce a pear tree. This is undeniable in our reality, so why deny your true Father and Mother. You are the one who proclaimed yourself a bastard. You are a seed planted by Cosmic Father and birthed by Mother Earth. The experience of falling into Matter creates Amnesia, causing the Prince and Princess to stumble drunk in the dark, forgetting that they are the Divine Creation of the King and Queen of the East. Your Cosmic Parents never forgot about you; you forgot them,
This is the promise that forever is kept by Creation, and you being a reflection of Creation, are now asked to reflect and illuminate this promise back. This is all for You. Every sacred story of a Prophet or Hero is the story of You. The material scientist quickly points out the physical distance of the stars. Still, the truth is distance is no barrier to destiny. The stars shine within you and for you. Our ancestors do not simply turn to dust; they are alive and well, and with every step, they guide and instruct us on The Way

My friends, I bring these words of your divinity not to discount or discredit the pain of our experience in form. The existence within Matter can be heavy, dense, and cold. I know the strenuous and constant effort we all take to carry the cross of incarnation. I cannot speak personally on your pain, becuase1 that is between You and God. But I can remind you that everything you have faced and will face is to show you how strong you are. The O.G. (Original Generator) does not create resistance because it hates us; it creates resistance because it loves us. It loves us so much that it does not impose itself on us. It grants us free will to choose what we do, how we feel, and who we love. The expression of Unconditional Love by Creation serves as the ultimate compass to where our generative energies need to be directed. The universe allows us to make mistake after mistake in "Matter "until we realize that "Matter does not Matter". It will all turn to dust; it all goes back into the box. What belongs to Ceaser will be given unto Ceaser. Great and grand, if homeboy wants to drink and sand, Well, bottoms up, buddy. For the students of Life, we know in our hearts that there is only one way to quench this Eternal thirst within. You have to destroy the attachment to the facade of this matrix to make space for the Eternal and Real. You have to rise above fear to feel the eternal embrace of Love.

My greatest wish is that the words spoken on the Podcast and shared through this amazing community illuminate the Greatest Truth, the Truth of You. You are not broken,You are Divine. You are not incapable of Love. You Are Love. The sun rises for You , The Flowers bloom for You, and the wind whispers the gentle loving message "Remember Who You Are."

- Daniel Pawenski