The Journey Thus Far

vol i - issue i Nov 23, 2022

As we approach the Winter Solstice and finish up another year of discussions and conversations that lead us all into a deeper state of unknown truths, I come to realize that my approach to studying all these topics has been exact and timely. Where we go next and what we make of our conclusions is something I wrestle with most days before recordings. You see, the “deep dives” we take are merely small fragments of cosmic unfoldments that stretch far beyond a human lifespan.

In the last two years, I have had some of my most rewarding epiphanies. Not because of any literature or moment of clarity led by a lecture or discussion nor by ideas professed by an individual. The moments of clarity are undyingly pushed to the surface and above all felt deeply. The topics we cover and the topics we will cover are all playing on one another like a sheet of music with cues for every instrument that will tune their sound or pitch to be a part of a greater composition. I don’t mean that Daniel and I are some kind of masters in an orchestra but rather two people multiplying the idea of one major sound we can all listen to once the pieces are assembled. I struggled many times to see this truth because of insecurity and mostly impostor syndrome. Who am I to open my mind and speak of such dense and profound topics? Where is my evidence of proficiency? And am I just talking out loud to fill the space of a room while my brother sits across from me agreeing with my statements because they fulfill a rhythm? No, I am aware and have been that what we do and will continue to do is collapse the waves of a truth that words cannot simply describe.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and our souls to create new and old pathways that lead us to the above and the below. To pave some kind of road already made but lost every second of the human day due to unconventional bullshit and lies that distract us from the beautiful beings we are. I don’t claim to know anything about every topic but I can feel that every topic has already been known within me.

Whether it is a series on astrological depictions through Greek mythology or the deeper meanings in a deck of cards meant for us to find wonders and blissful discoveries, this podcast is a part of me and a part of you. We are not the words we are speaking but the bodies that project the whole that belongs to the greater parts of the sum. I am grateful for this opportunity to change and challenge ideas of any person who care to see that we are not the bringers of truth but your companion in the journey back home.

-Eduardo Manteca