Trevor Introduction

vol i - issue i Nov 23, 2022

Hi! My name is Trevor Schleihauf; I am twenty-two years old. I am an Economist by study and a Student of the Occult by passion, which have melded together in ways I wouldn’t have expected. I have studied various occult and pagan topics for the past two years after my interest was sparked by a course at my university which gave an anthropological study of western occultism. Before long, I was downloading and cataloging PDFs of old manuscripts, and I even got to look at an antiquarian copy of The Golden Chain of Homer, written by Kirchweger. Not that it helped me much, as I cannot read German, let alone old German Cursive! From there, it was merely a few quick searches before I found the Know Thyself Podcast. I could not be more grateful to be a member of this team and a part of this community.

In both areas of my studies, I enjoy focusing on human action. Moreover, I am particularly interested in how the subjective human will directly influence the world around them. In economics, we call this the theory of subjective value, and in the occult, it is best referenced as the law of mentality or Magick. I will go over this subject at length in the future, but here is the concept in broad strokes: If we understand the definition of magick as set out by Ceremonial Magician Eliphas Levi and Chaote Peter J. Charol, Magick is a crystallization of will. In the same breath, money has the twin role as the conduit that brings about our desires and holds the same level of subjectivity. Suppose two people use the Golden Key technique on relatively similar problems. It is highly unlikely that both individuals will have identical remedies to their ails. In the same sense, two hungry people won’t buy the same food when presented with identical money.

At some point soon, I plan to break down this topic for all of you fully, but with just this snippet, I hope you can see just how genuinely powerful money is and how little credit we give it. I look forward to sharing this and more in the future and to building this network and community with all of you!
Fair Winds and Following Seas!

Trevor Schleihauf